“Dreams are sometimes disturbing, sometimes insightful, often elusive, but almost always interesting and self-revelatory. When we pay attention to our dream life and work with the material given to us, they can serve as guides and avenues for healing and self-development. You will find that the more you work with your dreams, the more you dream. I work with my dreams using a simple process of dream incubation that I created for myself. Dream incubation is not a new concept within Western culture. It was a key element in the healing practices of Asclepius and Hygeia, the Greco-Roman god and goddess of medicine. Temples and sacred healing centers, known as Asclepieia, were built and served as places where people would go to engage in various rites and practices including dream incubation.”

Excerpt, Dumont, Marion G. “Nature as muse: spiritual healing through nature, art and dreams,” in Spiritual Healing from Sexual Violence: An Intersectional Guide, Debra Meyers, PhD and Rev. Mary Sue Barnett, editors. To be published in February 2023 by Routledge.

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