I see myself as a writer, artist and practitioner of the healing arts with an aim to create spaces that allow for people's own experiences and understandings to emerge through engagement with nature, art and spirituality. I view the human being as an integrative, dynamic organism that includes spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional elements. Through my writing and art I weave the visible and invisible, the sacred and the mundane, sharing stories that are healing for both the storyteller and the reader. Creating art inspired by nature and informed by human experience and myth.


Women have been of central importance in my life. The better and best part of my adulthood has been spent mothering and grandmothering. I raised three daughters and played an important role as caregiver during my granddaughter's early years. I began my professional career as a registered nurse with a specialization in maternal-child nursing. I received additional training as a childbirth educator, lactation consultant, and birth doula. In 2004 I completed a Masters of Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma. When I decided to pursue a doctorate I chose a program with a specialization in women's spirituality. In my dissertation I tell the stories of three women, including the story of my paternal grandmother, Gail Peters Little. In 2013 I completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy & Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Drawn to alternative health practices I studied botanical and energy medicine including therapeutic touch and Reiki. The healing works of Dr. Richard Blasband and Nicolai Levashov have been influential in the development of my understanding of the human organism and its healing potential. All of these experiences have helped me to cultivate a holistic approach to my work as a writer and artist.

Bear CandleAs a maiden, mother, and crone creative expression has played an important role in my daily life. Drawing, painting, creative writing, arts & crafts were activities that I encouraged in my children and practiced myself. My first experience with creative writing was as a young mother writing poetry about the world we inhabited within a rural community near the Salish Sea. I was fortunate to have the support of a local writer's group and the mentorship of Jo Nelson, a master poet and friend who passed away far too soon. When my children were old enough I entered graduate school where years of reading, research and writing helped me to further hone my writing skills.

As an older woman, I've learned to fill the time and space once dedicated to raising a family with my own creative endeavors. I've discovered anew the formidable healing power of engaging in creative activities. They provide an embodied focus that quiets the mind through the work of the hands. Over the past six years arts, crafts, and writing have become the center of my work. Most of my artistic projects have been three-dimensional works but I also use sketching and watercolors in my art. As a writer, my objective is to integrate personal and professional experiences, knowledge and imagination. At the center of it all, nature is my muse.

Marion in 2020


I was born in Verdun, France and have lived most of my life in the Pacific Northwest. My ancestral heritage is French, Irish, Scottish, English and African-American. My mother, Lucette Henriette Langard Sabayon was born in Hou├ęcourt, department Vosges in eastern France. My French ancestors come from the region in Northeastern France which was home to the Celtic tribe, the Leuci who inhabited the modern regions known as Alsace-Lorraine. My parents granted me and my siblings the liberty to wander outdoors from a very early age. I'm certain that their own childhoods influenced their parenting decisions. My father was raised on a cattle ranch in the wilderness of western Montana and my mother was one of 14 children raised on a farm in northeastern France. My growing-up years were religiously barren but spiritually rich in the best kind of way.

Blue near Villefranche

Wandering and walking have characterized my engagement with the natural world since a very early age. These experiences have enabled me to develop self-confidence and a sense of well-being that sustains me even in the most stressful circumstances. I have wandered the landscapes of such diverse places as Kodiak Island, western Montana, San Juan Islands, Olympic Peninsula, and Appalachia here in the United States. I have roamed through various regions of France including Normandy, Alsace-Lorraine, L'Occitan, Auvergne, and the Pyrenees. Walks through regions in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands are some of my most memorable.

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