Art is another phenomena that is impossible to define in simple terms. The world of art is as complex as the world of nature and its role in world cultures is as old as the human race. Humans have engaged with creative activities since we arrived on this planet. Art takes on many forms including but not limited to two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, writing, storytelling, music, dance and theater. The creative process engages the whole self, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. I believe that when an individual engages in the creative process that there is the potential to improve well-being, reduce stress, promote self-discovery and build self-esteem. I don’t know that I can call myself an artist anymore than I can call myself a healer although, I engage with both processes. My art is not about being an artist but about engaging with the creative process for the purpose of well-being and healing the soul. Some would call it art therapy and I’m okay with that, but I’m not a therapist. I do art with a purpose and for pleasure, and that’s good enough for me. I view my artistic work as an expression of the deep relationship between myself, nature and my own spiritual practice. I include lots of images because others enjoy them and more importantly, to inspire others to engage in the creative process. Shaun McNiff writes in his book, Art Heals, that “Art and creativity are the soul’s medicines—what the soul uses to minister to itself, cure its maladies, and restore its vitality.” [1] And that’s why I do art.


[1] McNiff, Shaun. 2004. Art Heals, xii-xiii.

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