When I speak of spirituality I’m not referring to religion. Like nature and art, spirituality is a complexity filled with beauty, intrigue, and unanswered questions. Is it the world that cannot be seen? Is it something somewhere out there or is it a world inside ourselves? I’m aware that not everyone believes in the spirit and that there are those who choose to understand life in purely physical terms. On the other hand, many believe that both animate and inanimate phenomena are imbued with spirit. It’s my belief that the spiritual element is inherent to our existence. I see spirituality as the personal expression of the spiritual element of life. In terms of human spirituality, authors Ronald Grimes and Wilfred McSherry individually describe spirituality as something personal that arises out of our everyday life. [1] [2] I believe that whatever spiritual practice we choose plays an important role in our well-being. Animism, nature spirituality, Earth-based spirituality are terms that could be used to describe my own practice. For me, nature, art, and spirituality are inseparable and arise out of my everyday world. Each one informs the other.


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