• Nature, Art & Spirituality
    Nature, Art & Spirituality

My name is Marion Gail Dumont. I am a woman, mother and grandmother. I am a writer, artist and nurse. I am a wanderer and lover of the natural world. Nature, art and spirituality are at the core of my practice. I believe that all of life is sacred and when we bring our authentic selves to our work we are able to connect with others in meaningful ways. Our everyday lives serve as vessels for practice, growth and inspiration. This belief is reflected in my work through an integration of academic and spiritual elements.




Works in Progress: Nature As Muse Series

Herbs & Honey: Food as good medicine

We know that our food choices impact our health and well-being...

Walking Medicine

This essay is designed to inspire individuals to develop a personal practice of walking medicine

Dream Incubation: Working with our dreams

In this essay I write about some of my own dream adventures...

Storytelling & Ancestral Veneration

On the topic of ancestral veneration, and hearing the call of the ancestors...

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